Revolutionizing Expert Witness Retention.

Be part of an ever-growing database comprised of the best expert witnesses in the world.

The Expert Witness Exchange, LLC is fortunate to have had participation from all corners of both the expert witness and attorney communities. As a result, we have developed keen insight into several areas where significant improvements can and should be made for the benefit of all. The Exchange’s leadership is driven to work collaboratively with both the expert witness and attorney communities, promoting opportunities to improve methods of doing business and transacting commerce with one another.

The Expert Witness Exchange is ushering in a new method of searching for and retaining expert witnesses. A software platform has been developed to provide precision and transparency at many levels. Attorneys will have the power to manage the search process by setting their own parameters. State of the art computing power and data analytics will do the work matching credentials, background and subject matter expertise to attorney queries.

If you are an attorney, you can register now at no charge and learn how your practice may benefit. The Expert Witness Exchange has immediate capability to deliver custom search assistance to your practice and help you transition to our platform when it is released.

If you are an expert witness looking to generate more expert witness retentions, or to possess the background, training and subject matter expertise to provide expert witness consultation, you can register with us now at no charge. There are no advertising costs! We will show you how the platform will work and the steps you can take to participate in this exciting new program.

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