About Expert Witness Exchange

Expert Witness Exchange, LLC aims to transform expert search in the legal industry. Through a revolutionary search capability, Expert Witness Exchange will put power and technology in the hands of attorneys and expert witnesses.

Transforming an industry does not come easily.  That is why Expert Witness Exchange has assembled a team of leaders from the legal field, including practicing attorneys, technology development and service professions. The executive team almost two centuries of combined experience. Each individual’s decades of insight have yielded a plan for the future of expert witness search.

Expert Witness Exchange is the creator of the Expert Witness Validation Badge™. The badge offers experts an opportunity to demonstrate their education, credentials and work experience. The badge will eliminate the guesswork for attorneys searching for experts, and will have credential information in one concise format.

Expert Witness Exchange is a responsible member of the legal and expert witness communities. From active participation and support in industry events to partnerships with professional associations, the company will give back to the industry it serves.