About the Chronicle

The Expert Witness Chronicle™ is divided into the following sections, and is available for free download to all expertwitnessexchange.com users.

Cover Story

This is the most important and noteworthy article of every issue and is promoted prominently on the cover of the magazine. It follows a theme which is of general interest to the expert witness community.

News Flash

Important news (legislative updates, a prominent ruling involving an expert, etc.) are covered under this section.

Event Alerts

This section features up to two expert witness-related events which are scheduled in the coming months.

Daubert Roundup

A brief analysis of up to ten cases from appellate and district courts (federal).


Articles submitted by experts are considered for this section.

The Expert Witness Chronicle™ will also seek out and publicize new developments relative to initiatives and technology that have the capability of promoting better understanding and enhanced frameworks for interaction and commerce between the attorney and expert witness communities.