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Expert Witness Exchange Press Release – June 2017

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The Expert Witness Exchange, LLC, a technology company developing an online platform that connects attorneys with independent subject matter experts, will exhibit at the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®) and the Consultants’ Training Institute® (CTI®) Annual Consultants’ Conference being held in Chicago, June 2017.

The Expert Witness Exchange is transforming expert witness search by creating a marketplace that will be the ultimate way for lawyers to find and retain expert witnesses. The marketplace will allow lawyers to identify criteria and conduct their own search on an easy to navigate platform.

NACVA and the CTI’s Annual Consultants’ Conference will draw more than 600 professionals from the fields of business valuation, financial litigation, forensic accounting, and risk management to Chicago from June 7–10. The attendees and all NACVA members can create a profile on the Expert Witness Exchange marketplace to showcase their experience and put them in front of lawyers looking to retain expert witnesses.

Experts can upload details of their careers right to the Expert Witness Exchange platform,” said Expert Witness Exchange CEO Melinda S. Sungenis. “Our goal is to make it easy for experts to be found by lawyers and easy for lawyers to find experts.”

The Expert Witness Exchange is also launching the Expert Witness Validation Badge.™ Experts who  apply for the badge will have their credentials reviewed by a panel of experts. Experts that receive the badge will have been determined to be valid participants in the judicial process.

“Lawyers will know that experts with the Validation Badge have precisely the experience and expertise that is reflected in their resume,” Sungenis said. “We believe it will distinguish experts from their colleagues and help simplify searches for lawyers.”

NACVA Conference attendees who upload or confirm their profile during the event will be eligible to win two tickets to the June 8 Chicago Cubs game courtesy of the Expert Witness Exchange. The Expert Witness Exchange will exhibit at Booth 3.

Expert Witness Exchange featured in the Connecticut Law Tribune

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New Conn. Business Will Certify Expert Witnesses for Trial Lawyers
Christian Nolan, The Connecticut Law Tribune

Sometimes, a lawyer’s worst nightmare is hiring an expert witness who turns out to be not much of an expert.

One trial lawyer recalled an intellectual property verdict of around $10 million that got overturned when it was discovered their key expert witness didn’t really have the credentials they had touted. That revelation later led to legal malpractice claims by the plaintiffs lawyer’s clients.

To avoid these sorts of embarrassing situations, a group of investors from Connecticut’s legal and expert witness community has established a new for-profit business that vet potential experts. “Nobody likes to win a case because the other experts kind of crumbled,” said Paul Levin, a Hartford trial attorney who is one of the founders of company. “It’s just kind of a cheap way to win. This helps all the members of the bar.”

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Expert Witness Exchange featured in the Hartford Business Journal

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Former FBI agent sets up expert witness designation

Until now, there has never been a process that looks at all the essential factors required to validate the background of an expert witness. A retired FBI agent is hoping to change that through the establishment of the Hartford-based Expert Witness Validation Badge.

“I’ve seen numerous expert witnesses take the stand who gave outstanding testimony, and also some real hacks who did not belong on the witness stand,” said Mike Clark in his statement, who during his 23-year career with the FBI was involved in numerous trials, including the prosecution of former Gov. John Rowland.

Clark is one of seven people who, throughout the past year, has come up with the new criteria for a vetting process tailored specifically to expert witnesses. Since his retirement from the FBI, Clark himself has worked as an expert witness as a white-collar crime and public corruption expert.
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