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Database Offers Due Diligence, Background Checks, Vetting for Expert Witnesses

By January 24, 2017Announcements


New standard and vetting process for Expert Witnesses now available online

Hartford, CT: For more than two decades, former FBI Special Agent Mike Clark worked on a number of high profile public corruption cases in Connecticut, including the prosecution of former Governor John Rowland, three big city mayors and a former State Treasurer.

“I’ve seen numerous expert witnesses take the stand who gave outstanding testimony, and also some real hacks who did not belong on the witness stand,” said Clark, who during his 23-year career with the FBI was involved in numerous trials.

Clark is one of several people who, throughout the past year, have come up with the new criteria for a vetting process tailored specifically to expert witnesses. Mark Dubois, former Connecticut Bar Association President and Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State of Connecticut, is also a committee member.

“Just yesterday, I was reading a transcript of a lawyer’s deposition and his ‘expert’ forgot to tell him his medical license was revoked prior to trial,” Dubois said. “The result was, as expected, not optimal.”

Dubois said The Expert Witness Validation Badge™ will allow lawyers to quickly check expert witnesses’ credentials and will impact businesses and individuals involved in most any type of legal proceedings involving expert witnesses.

“This is the first of its kinds enterprise that uses big data resources and legal technology to bring due diligence for the expert witnesses industry,” Dubois said. “It no doubt, sets a higher bar without requiring a government mandate. We did it ourselves.”

Expert witnesses who apply for The Expert Witness Validation Badge ™ will have, among other things, their credentials verified, as well as their criminal backgrounds checked.

“Where the rubber meets the road is on the witness stand,” Clark went on to say. “That’s why I decided to be part of The Expert Witness Validation Committee. The amount of foundation work that has gone into this process if very impressive, complete, and honest. I would not stake my reputation on something that I did not believe in.”

The Expert Witness Validation Committee works as an advisory board to The Expert Witness Exchange, LLC which will issue the Validation Badge once the criteria for approval are met. Expert Witnesses can apply for their credential online by going to www.expertwitnessexchange.com.
“The Validation Badge fills a void in the expert witness industry, which should not have to function on caveat emptor,” said Robert Felsenthal, president of The Expert Witness Exchange. “It has proven unrealistic to rely upon retaining counsel to undertake due diligence, requiring the utilization of personal resources. The Validation Badge will substantially minimize credentialing and background verification risks at no added cost or work to litigants and/or legal counsel.”

Felsenthal, a passionate leader of content based community building platforms in the publishing and marketing industries, said The Expert Witness Validation Badge™ will change the industry standard, saving lawyers, witnesses, and clients both time and money. “Our validation gives expert witnesses the edge they need,” Felsenthal said. “By going through the vetting process, lawyers will know that their expert witnesses are everything they claim to be.”

Expert witness can apply online for the Validation Badge by uploading their current curriculum vitae. (CV) The online application will include fields meeting the following criteria deemed necessary by the Expert Witness Validation Committee in the verification of expert credentials and background information including:

  1. Professional Licensure and Disciplinary History
  2. Professional Certifications
  3. Education History and/or Degrees Received
  4. Malpractice History Related to Expert Witness Work
  5. Professional Work and Teaching Positions
  6. Criminal history
  7. Civil Penalties or Finding that Involve Misconduct

Clark said the guidelines were designed to take the guesswork out of the process for attorneys retaining expert witness, guesswork that very well may result in unfavorable outcomes as a result of an attorney’s oversight, such as an expert’s lapsed license or other clerical missteps.

“Expert witnesses who have the credentials, the background, and the expertise to back up their claims should embrace this concept, because the vetting process, the process that is in place, will reinforce your credibility both to your peers, clients, and the jury,” Clark said. “This will save an attorney’s clients a lot of time and money in vetting you as well. This will give you instant credibility.”

  • For the complete criteria and procedure of The Expert Witness Validation Badge got to our website at Expert Witness Exchange.com
  • Fees are $295 for validation badge, $60 for annual re-validation. · The Expert Witness Exchangewill maintain a validated expert registry containing the names of each recipient of an Expert Witness Validation Badge in format consistent with best practices, along with general limitations and criteria utilized in the validation process.
  • The names of all expert witnesses who have been issued a Validation Badge will be published quarterly in The Expert Witness Chronicle.
  • For a complete list of The Expert Witness Validation Committee and The Expert Witness Exchange leadership please visit our website.

For more information regarding The Expert Witness Validation Committee, The Expert Witness Validation Badge, or to set up interviews with Committee members/and or The Expert Witness Exchange leadership, please contact Shelly Sindland at ssindland@expertwitnessexchange.com