Alejandro Paiuk

Marketplace Customer Experience and Community Growth Advisor

Alex Paiuk is a consultant, entrepreneur, and financier who helps organizations achieve digital transformations, develops & executes go-to-market strategies for new technologies, and matches opportunities with talent & capital. He has designed bikeshare networks, IP markets, and peer-to-peer ecommerce & investment platforms; worked at startups in digital healthcare, ridesharing, social media, fintech, and Industry 4.0; and developed deal flow, structured transactions, and formed syndicates in lower middle market private equity. Alex studied market dynamics, disruptive innovation, and two-sided network effects with leading experts at Harvard Business School; management of information systems at The University of Texas; math and science at The University of North Texas; and learning from failure at the School of Hard Knocks. In his spare time Alex likes to coach little league soccer, mentor high school students applying for college, and volunteer at a local organic farm.

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