Linda Donnelly

Marketing Professional & Sales Leader

Linda Donnelly has been a marketing professional and sales leader to the legal profession for almost two decades. Linda graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Marketing. She interacts with over 45,000 law firms and has been focused on providing digital solutions to meet their needs and has more than 17,000 connections on LinkedIn. She has always been deeply committed to acting in the best interests of the profession and bringing digital solutions to the Expert Witness Exchange while helping to usher in the new era that is upon us with the expert witness credential program. Transparency, trust mechanisms ,removal of paid advertising and endless google searches will be the priority, making the process of finding the right expert witness a one stop for attorneys nationwide. Linda will be utilizing her marketing skills to get marketing results for the Exchange’s expert witness community as a key initiative for our participating experts. Linda is the mother of three wonderful children and would play tennis every day of the week if she could.

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