Paul Grosvenor

Chief Technology Officer

Paul has more than 30 years experience in data systems design and management. His specific expertise is focused on creating data system architectures that maximize speed, flexibility and accessibility of complex data, enabling real-time access to details within large volumes of aggregated data sets.

He started his career as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry designing and building components for fast military jets in the experimental section. His particular speciality was the man-machine interface. Paul rapidly built his knowledge of computer programming whilst designing these components and this in turn led him to start working with data, lots of data.

Since those early days Paul has been instrumental in the design and development of systems for Cancer Research (UK), Galileo Analytics (US) and Optima Systems (UK). All of the systems he has worked on used a variety of data in a variety of ways. All of them posed their individual challenges but all required fast response and intuitive user interfaces.

Today, working for Expert Witness Exchange, Paul heads up the development team and using his considerable experience and knowledge to design the interfaces that are required for a powerful search and data extraction system.

Paul Grosvenor - Expert Witness Exchange

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