Paul Levin

Director of Product and Services Development

Paul is a trial attorney with over 25 years’ experience in state and federal courts. His practice has focused on complex civil litigation necessitating the involvement of expert witnesses across a wide range of scientific and clinical disciplines, including physicians, engineers, safety experts, economists, forensic accountants—even an astrophysicist. Collaborating with such a diverse community of experts has provided Paul with insights and respect for the legal processes and people involved. Paul has firsthand knowledge of the difficulties lawyers encounter in the endeavor to locate, compare, and assess experts during the retention process and beyond. As Director of Product and Services Development, he is committed to aligning developing technological solutions proposed by data management team members to meet these challenges.

Paul holds his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Nova University.

Paul Levin - Expert Witness Exchange

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