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Myles Levin - Expert Witness Exchange

Myles Levin

Myles Levin is the pioneer of expert witness research in the United States. He owns and operates the first and only expert witness challenge research database, the Daubert Tracker. He is also a contributor to the ABA book Litigators on Experts and a co-author of the Expert Witness White Paper.

Edward K Cheng - Expert Witness Exchange

Edward K Cheng

Professor Cheng’s research focuses on scientific and expert evidence, and the interaction between law and statistics. Professor Cheng is a coauthor of Modern Scientific Evidence: The Law and Science of Expert Testimony, a five-volume treatise which is updated annually. His articles, in which he explores evidence law from an empirical and statistical perspective, have been published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Columbia Law Review and Stanford Law Review, among other prestigious law journals. He holds a B.S.E. (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in electrical engineering from Princeton University, where he also earned a certificate from the Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs; an M.Sc. in information systems (with distinction) from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he was a Fulbright Scholar, and a J.D. (cum laude) from Harvard Law School. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in statistics at Columbia University. Professor Cheng is affiliated with Vanderbilt’s Cecil D. Branstetter Litigation and Dispute Resolution Program and teaches Evidence, Torts, and Statistic Inference and the Law.

Ashish Arun - Expert Witness Exchange

Ashish Arun

Ashish Arun is the Principal and Director of Research and Operations at Expert Witness Profiler, LLC. An attorney with several years of experience in the expert witness industry, Ashish is the founder of Expert Witness Guru and the Editor-in-Chief of Expert Witness Chronicle™, the #1 online magazine on expert witness testimony. Ashish is responsible for product development, operations and research at Expert Witness Profiler. Ashish also frequently writes about search engine optimization and online marketing on the Expert Witness Guru Blog.

Stephen Mahle - Expert Witness Exchange

Stephen Mahle

Steve consults law firms on issues relating to Daubert and is the founder of He is a commercial litigator with an economics Ph.D. who concentrates his practice in lawyering scientific and damages expert testimony on a consulting basis for law firms that are litigating substantial commercial matters that have expert testimony issues. His practice concentrates on the evaluation, challenge and exclusion, (or proffer and admission) of scientific and expert testimony under Daubert v. Merrell Dow and the other standards for admissibility of expert testimony.

Nathan Scchachtman - Expert Witness Exchange

Nathan A. Schachtman

Nathan A. Schachtman is a lawyer with a practice spanning 27 years and focusing on the defense of products liability suits, with an emphasis on scientific and medico-legal issues. Mr. Schachtman has counseled clients on strategy to avoid, resolve, and win litigation. He has served as national coordinating, MDL, trial, and appellate counsel in product liability, pharmaceutical, occupational disease, and environmental cases. He has been involved in many of the leading American cases involving epidemiologic and other scientific evidence in product liability cases. Mr. Schachtman has lectured and published widely on expert evidence issues.