Publisher’s Note

The only thing that’s constant is change.

– Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)

Technology, as we have known is, has been changing at a much faster rate than most businesses and professions have been able to keep up with. Till a few years ago, you would wave to hail a cab; it’s just a tap on your smartphone now. You can rely on the wisdom of thousands of travelers before you book a hotel in a new city you are planning to visit. And with technology touching every aspect of our daily lives, it is just a matter of time that expert witnesses will also find themselves surrounded by technology at every step of their practice – starting from the point of retention requests and marketing their services to attorneys.

With the advent of analytical technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, the way attorneys access and analyze information about expert witnesses has already started to change. As experts continue to play a crucial role in U.S. litigation, it is important to track the technological changes and developing community building standards which are slated to play a crucial role in expert retentions and challenges to their testimony – the goal with which the Expert Witness Chronicle is being published in its new avatar, in collaboration with the Expert Witness Exchange, LLC – an entity that has devoted itself to this cause.

Through our combined efforts, we aim to bring to you a publication that informs as well as prepares you for the latest changes in the law, marketing and practice of your work as an expert witness.

It is a pleasure to introduce our Guest Editor for the inaugural issue – Bob Felsenthal, former President of the Expert Witness Exchange and a passionate leader and devotee of content-based community building platforms in the business to business commerce space.

I believe you will thoroughly enjoy the Chronicle in its new avatar and we would continue to receive your valuable support and feedback as we embark on a new journey with your favorite expert witness magazine.

Ashish Arun Esq.

Expert Witness Chronicle – Publisher