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Expert Witness Chronicle Vol.1 | Issue 2

By May 2, 2012Chronicle

Orthopedic Expert Witness Stands Vindicated Against
Retaining Law Firm and Aaos

Expert witnesses join profession-al associations and organizations looking to connect with their peers, who would help them learn, network, and grow. Most experts who are members of such associations will swear by the value it brings to their profes-sional stature. But at times, the very association can turn against you and can cause you great pain and suffering! Sadly, Dr. Steven Graboff’s association with the American Association of Ortho-pedic Surgeons (AAOS) turned into a bitter disciplinary proceed-ing and a court case that finally saw Dr. Graboff stand vindicated after two years of anguish.

Problems related to expert witness associations primarily arise in circumstances where one member is retained to testify against another in a professional malpractice case – and this is more so true with medical doc-tors. In spite of the large number of medical experts, it is never easy to find one who is willing to testify against another in the same area, locality, hospital or association.