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Expert Witness Chronicle Vol. 2 | Issue 1

By February 22, 2013Chronicle

Motion to Exclude Granted

How to Avoid It and What to Do When It Happens

A Daubert motion is like Zeus’ thunderbolt – one of the most effective and devastating weapons in the armory of an attorney which can be used against an expert witness. When the Court pronounces, “Motion to exclude expert testimony is granted”, the pain is no less than being struck by lightning. “Did the Court just put an end to my career as an expert witness”, it’s natural to have this question clog your mind! Can I appeal my exclusion? Can I get a chance to rectify my position? It wasn’t even my fault – can I sue the attorney for failing to protect my testimony properly? These are the questions that can trouble any expert witness following exclusion. You can hope for an appellate court to overrule the exclusion, but if that doesn’t happen or till the time it happens, you need to prepare an answer as to why your testimony was excluded in a previous case and why you should not be disqualified /excluded in the next case for the same reason. If you can prepare a convincing answer to this question, you have nothing to worry about for all practical purposes!