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Expert Witness Chronicle Vol. 1 | Issue 1

By April 2, 2012Chronicle

Is Your Science Right

PBS / Frontline Questions Common CSI Techniques used by Forensic Experts

$660, a 90-minute instruction video and 100 multiple-choice questions – that is all it took Leah Bar-tos to become a certified “Forensic Consultant” by the American College of Foren-sic Examiners Inter-national (ACFEI).

ACFEI calls itself the world’s largest professional association for forensic examiners and provides credentialing programs in the fields of accounting, consulting, disaster preparation, information security, investigation, medical investigation, nursing and physicians. The certification awarded to Leah Bartos, Certified Forensic Consultant, according to the ACFEI website, is intended to train forensic professionals in the law, educating individuals in the fine points of being competent and knowledgeable forensic consultants in the unique environment of the American judicial system.