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Expert Witness Chronicle Vol. 3 | Issue 1

By February 6, 2016Chronicle
Expert Witness Chronicle

The Expert Witness Validation Badge™

An Initiative Whose Time Has Come

There is no disputing the influence that expert witnesses have on litigation outcomes—this much we know for sure. Their expertise is often relied upon by the court in rendering decisions, weighing the opinions, methodology, and, indeed, the credibility of the competing expert witnesses involved for each party to the legal dispute. Considering what is at stake, it therefore behooves litigators to be exquisitely careful and circumspect in their expert witness retentions and due diligence practices. Perhaps, due to the competitive nature of expert witness work, human nature, or the lack of a universal, standardized credentialing body to track the credentials, background, or relevant employment experience of those who elect to participate in the judicial process as expert witnesses, there exists a reoccurrence of instances where some have been caught misrepresenting their license sure, academic credentials, certifications, and work history. In some instances, the circumstances are far more benign, yet still cause difficulties and considerable angst.