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Expert Witness Exchange featured in the Connecticut Law Tribune

By January 24, 2017In the Press

New Conn. Business Will Certify Expert Witnesses for Trial Lawyers
Christian Nolan, The Connecticut Law Tribune

Sometimes, a lawyer’s worst nightmare is hiring an expert witness who turns out to be not much of an expert.

One trial lawyer recalled an intellectual property verdict of around $10 million that got overturned when it was discovered their key expert witness didn’t really have the credentials they had touted. That revelation later led to legal malpractice claims by the plaintiffs lawyer’s clients.

To avoid these sorts of embarrassing situations, a group of investors from Connecticut’s legal and expert witness community has established a new for-profit business that vet potential experts. “Nobody likes to win a case because the other experts kind of crumbled,” said Paul Levin, a Hartford trial attorney who is one of the founders of company. “It’s just kind of a cheap way to win. This helps all the members of the bar.”

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