Why choose the Expert Witness Exchange?

Because the value proposition and current methods available for conducting expert witness search are inadequate and have been for some time. The Exchange’s CEO, Mindy Sungenis Black, came from and led the development of the custom search industry in her role as CEO of TASA.

What’s Different About the Expert Witness Exchange’s approach?

It’s only by a new paradigm, a more open system that enables both cost and research time efficiencies for expert witness search and retention, that this vision has been achieved. Existing expert witness directories lack data driven curation necessary to adequately assist attorneys in delineating between different experts who may appear to have similar expertise. Many of the existing internet websites include only experts who are paying to be advertised. Much of what currently qualifies for custom expert witness referral can be platformed via a smart software interface, the experience improved and the transactional cost burden for expert retention substantially lowered. The Exchange will still provide custom search assistance where desired, and is doing so presently. Moreover, the Exchange’s  custom search assistance embeds  continuing  expert witness data subscription support for  its custom search attorney clients throughout the life of the case engagement.  Click on the Custom Search Header above to learn more about our approach and the cost savings involved.

How is our custom search expert witness referral assistance different than competitor offerings?

The Exchange views the provision of expert witness search retention assistance as more than just making an expert witness referral. While we do use extensive data based resources, machine learning and serious mathematical algorithms that weigh and match backgrounds and credentialing for subject matter expertise, we also rely on an extensive team of attorneys who spend most of their time conducting expert witness related research with a human touch. It’s also about relationships and trust. The cognitive computing platform that has been built will develop and evolve as  those values become more  fully inculcated into the recommendation engines.

What does the Validation Badge credential you have created have to do with expert witness search?

Because a uniform background credentialing standard does not exist and is generally only haphazardly done currently. Attorneys, generally, are not in a good position to conduct due diligence assessments on their own. Impeachable content about a given expert’s background unfortunately continues to occur with some regularity. This negatively impacts the rights of the litigants involved and reflects badly on the judicial process. The Validation Badge is a credential that establishes, to a high degree of certainty, that the credentialed  expert witness  is a valid participant in the judicial process. An internet based resource providing for the voluntary credentialing of expert witnesses is therefore both  necessary and appropriate. Click on the Validation Badge tab overhead  to view the distinguished members of our Validation Badge Committee who recommended the criteria and rules which apply to this process.

What can I do to learn more and participate in the Expert Witness Exchange?

The Exchange is seeking preliminary engagement by a diverse group of attorneys and expert witnesses to provide continuing feedback. Some may be invited to beta test the platform on a pre-release basis . Expert witnesses will be invited to participate based upon their willingness and availability to take on additional engagements utilizing our platform. To express your interest or simply learn more, please go to the Home Page and register(at no cost) as either an attorney or expert witness.

What else does the Expert Witness Exchange care about?

The Expert Witness Exchange leadership cares about the legal profession and is intent upon democratizing tools that spread knowledge and transparency while rendering the process more efficient for all. Our aim is not only to profit those who participate on our platform or that do business with the Exchange, but to give back and support those that are impacted by the judicial system. The Expert Witness Exchange will support the initiatives of bar associations to democratize the availability of legal services, to support the important work and standard setting that many expert witness associations provide to their member experts and to be charitable to the victims of hardship. The Exchange will discuss this further when we reveal our revenue model publicly in the coming months.

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