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Industry Leader Named CEO of Expert Witness Exchange

By January 31, 2017Announcements
Melinda Sungenis Black

Melinda Sungenis Brings Three Decades Of Experience To Role

The Expert Witness Exchange, LLC, a technology company developing an expert witness discovery and recommendation platform that connects attorneys with independent subject matter experts, announced today that Melinda S. Sungenis has been named chief executive officer.

Sungenis has more than 30 years of experience in the expert witness referral industry. Most recently, she was the chief executive officer and president of The TASA Group, Inc. of Blue Bell, PA. She joined TASA, an expert witness provider, in 1984 and held a variety of positions before becoming CEO in 2010. Under her leadership, TASA introduced new products to assist the legal industry while maintaining a reputation for personal service.

Sungenis will now lead The Expert Witness Exchange as it dramatically changes the way attorneys search for and retain expert witnesses. The company leverages legal technology, data, expert witness analytics ™ and the legal community to supply attorneys with the best selection of vetted experts through its software platform. Experts listed with the exchange are subject to a vetting process, which greatly reduces risks for both expert witnesses and attorneys who hire them.

“Mindy has the vision and the experience necessary to help us transform legal expert search,” said Paul Levin, a practicing trial attorney and Expert Witness Exchange Director of Product and Services Development.

The Expert Witness Exchange platform is functional and undergoing further development by technology experts based in London and San Francisco. Pre-beta versions will be showed selectively at Legaltech, the leading industry technology show, this week in New York. Demonstrations are available by contacting Expert Witness Exchange at info@expertwitnessexchange.com.

“Our platform will give attorneys the power to research and retain the best experts out there,” Sungenis said. “We will always be there to assist with a custom search but a smart platform and recommendation engine that puts the power in the hands of the legal community is overdue.”

The Expert Witness Exchange platform will benefit attorneys and experts, Levin said.

“Attorneys and experts will quickly realize Expert Witness Exchange is not a traditional expert witness brokerage or directory model,” he said. “Instead, an attorney will be able to set parameters with greater precision, transparency and control of the search and retention process than ever before.”

The Expert Witness Exchange is the only expert witness referral service offering The Expert Witness Validation Badge ™, a credential that establishes to a high degree of certainty that an expert is a valid participant in the judicial process.

“Expert witnesses who have the credentials, the background and the expertise to back up their claims should embrace the Validation Badge because the vetting process will reinforce their credibility to attorneys, juries and their peers,” said Mike Clark, a former FBI Special Agent, expert witness, and member of The Expert Witness Validation Committee.

The Expert Witness Validation Badge ™ was created in 2015 by The Expert Witness Exchange. Expert witnesses can apply for the badge by uploading their current curriculum vitae to the Expert Witness Exchange website (www.expertwitnessexchange.com). An advisory validation committee comprised of distinguished members from both the legal and expert witness communities have recommended the criteria and procedures that apply which have been adopted by the Exchange.

Attorneys can visit www.expertwitnessexchange.com, register for free and request a discussion to learn how their practices can benefit. Experts can also register on the website and learn how the Exchange could lead to more business without advertising fees.