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Validation Badge Credential Enters Production Phase

By May 1, 2020Announcements

May 1, 2020 – Hartford, Connecticut

The Expert Witness Exchange has completed testing and coordination with its technology partner, Evident ID, and has entered the production phase. In result, the high demand of many hundreds of Validation Badge (“VB”) applications that have been held in pending status will now begin to be processed. 

Evident ID is a technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia, which has modernized the way personal data is shared. Evidence is simple; secure Identity Assurance Platform is a comprehensive solution that enables accurate, up-to-date identity and credential verifications. 

How It Works

When a Validation Badge processing request is initiated, an Expert Witness with a pending validation application or when initiating a new application, will receive an email that will collect identity information including an image of drivers license or passport document uploaded directly from a mobile phone. The process takes under two minutes and enables a trust and identity verification check. This process includes a relevant criminal and civil background check. The balance of credentialing attributes derived from the expert’s curriculum vitae are then processed once the expert identify and safety check are completed, which may happen instantly or take a period of several days.

In order to streamline the process and save time for busy professionals who may not want to take the time to complete a validation badge application directly in the Exchange’s Marketplace , the Exchange is inviting experts to sign up directly on its Payments Page. Here, they may pay for the badge credential and send along a copy of their most updated CV, the relevant input of which will then be uploaded and verified. 

Code of Ethics

Finally, the Exchange has adopted a Validation Badge “Code of Ethics” which all Validation Badge applicants will be provided a copy of and expected to honor as a condition of VB issuance and maintenance. The Code of Ethics covers all of the following: avoidance of conflicts of interest, contingency fee engagements and other ethical guidelines that are meant to protect all participants involved in the judicial process. The Code of Ethics also protects participants from missteps that may adversely impact the proceedings and unwittingly prejudice the outcome of the litigation.

Click here to visit the VB Code of Ethics